X-plane 11 public beta 5 ute!

Da var nok en beta klar for nedlastning for X-plane 11. Hva skjedde med beta 4 tenker kanskje mange? Jo, den ble lansert for kort tid siden men den inneholdt problemer med shaderne for nVidia brukere. Derfor kom det raskt på banen en beta 5 som rettet opp i problemene.

Det var beta 4 som hadde store forbedringer fra beta 3. Beta 5 inneholder kun en nødoppdatering på tidligere nevnte shaders for nVidiabrukere.

Her er listen over forbedringer og fixer i Beta 4. Forklaringer forblir på engelsk, sakset fra x-plane.com:

Public Beta 4

Key Features & Improvements

  • New flight model changes, including jet engine & propeller modeling changes.
  • XPD-7274 Invalidate cache of GL scissors after plugins run.
  • XPD-7180 Crash from Ground Traffic plugin.
  • Added auto-report of missing runways to the gateway.
  • GPS & FMS improvements.
  • More joystick settings improvements.
  • Visual improvements and bug fixes for the map.
  • Added real time zone support.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • XPD-7273, XPD-7414, XPD-7384, XPD-7383, XPD-7378, XPD-7308, XPD-7305 New datarefs & art.
  • XPD-5846 Fix for counterintuitive display of throttle axis.
  • XPD-6568 Partial translations included.
  • XPD-6876 Added the ability for .joy files to specify axes, buttons, or hat switches as “hidden” in the Assignments section.
  • XPD-6887 Keyboard preset “styles.”
  • XPD-6889 Added the ability to inform the user about updates using non-interruptive, Growl-style overlay alerts.
  • XPD-6907 We now enforce a min weight for the slung load object, and offer a “remove” button instead of zero weight.
  • XPD-6945 PLN & AFL now have a proper V11-style loading screen.
  • XPD-7004 Fix for dev asserts and misaligned text when using Russian.
  • XPD-7031 Fix for displaying other nearby airports in the “advanced location” screen’s map view.
  • XPD-7056 Fix for two-way binding changes to the wxer_def_t not triggering the Apply Changes button.
  • XPD-7103 Fx for switching monitor resolutions on macOS causing the window to get mispositioned by the OS.
  • XPD-7133 Fix for glider tow and winch starts not respecting your chosen airport and runway.
  • XPD-7140 Fix for manipulator (“coach”) arrow not being pixel multiplier aware.
  • XPD-7150 Changed how data output is ordered on screen.
  • XPD-7156 Fix menus not working when map is behind them.
  • XPD-7177 Tightened up spacing in wind layer properties to prevent overlap at min res.
  • XPD-7223 Fix for failing to restore runway prefs correctly for “backward” runways.
  • XPD-7248 Integrated replay into GUI to get proper window layering and pixel multiplier scaling.
  • XPD-7264 We now reset your plane to the last start location if you a) change the start running pref, and b) haven’t moved more than 1 m.
  • XPD-7278 Gave altitude slider in aircraft inspector a logarithmic scale.
  • XPD-7287 We now revert multiplayer aircraft we haven’t heard from in awhile to ATC control.
  • XPD-7291 Fix for how we handle duplicate filenames.
  • XPD-7292 Added ability for .joy files to specify a “display name” for the device.
  • XPD-7293 Searching now properly matches top-level categories and brings in their descendants.
  • XPD-7298 Fix for inconsistent behavior between using command to close a window and using the floating windows’ red button.
  • XPD-7300 We now allow checkbox to wrap at your discretion.
  • XPD-7306 Show time/distance only when cruise has been entered and calculated.
  • XPD-7310 Improved handling of text editing shortcut keys.
  • XPD-7313 Use the machine’s year for AIRAC cycle comparison.
  • XPD-7314 Fix for flip-flopping of high versus low airways.
  • XPD-7319 Overly zealous runway check collided with circling approach – circling approaches have no runway!
  • XPD-7321 We can cope with terminating missed approaches in TF-flyovers.
  • XPD-7322 Fix for filtering by favorites not being immediately updated.
  • XPD-7324 Clicking on Send Network data output crash X-Plane.
  • XPD-7327 Fix for popping up IOS causing a massive power drain on the aircraft.
  • XPD-7328 Hit w key and the cockpit view is restored to default as expected.
  • XPD-7335 Fix for faulty dev_assert() in searchable table contents.
  • XPD-7336, XPD-7362 Displaying axis position if you check the “reverse axis” box.
  • XPD-7343 Fix for inability to create a new logbook.
  • XPD-7349 Added a Save Flight screen to the IOS.
  • XPD-7350 Changed failures sub-screen button text to “confirm” rather than “apply” to make it clear this is a two-step process.
  • XPD-7365 Control for time of day when regenerating icons.
  • XPD-7369 Slung loads now use size based on OBJs.
  • XPD-7377 Updated CH yoke configuration.
  • XPD-7381 We now prompt users with a very large null zone to recalibrate in Settings > Joystick.
  • XPD-7385 Tuned runway selector so AI traffic use airports.
  • XPD-7390 ‘Reset this section to vertical’ does not work in Plane Maker.
  • XPD-7420 Weather not accepting negative temperatures.
  • Fixed ATC window cursor insertion point.
  • Fixed crash when picking unused from unused monitor.
  • Fix for menu not getting translated.
  • Data outputs in the UI order, not the enum order.
  • Fix export of new user waypoints overwriting old export.
  • Vertical direct-to function made more useful.
  • Catch missing fields in earth_nav.dat.
  • Fix for IOS reset-all to match behavior in Flight Configuration.
  • Fix for not allowing COM port selection when using the “Serial port hardware (CAT II or above)” checkbox.
  • If we have no service trucks  when asking for them then we SAY that we have no service trucks.
  • New user submitted joystick configuration files.