X-plane 11.30 beta 3 tilgjengelig!

Laminar Research henger ikke på latsiden. Nå er beta 3 tilgjengelig, og inneholder en hel rekke rettelser.

Nytt i beta 3:

  • XPD-9507 Dubai scenery now included.
  • XPD-9510 Don’t let them ask for an altimeter before filing a flight plan.
  • XPD-8524 Fix overriding plugin AI AP.
  • XPD-9541 Fixed particle system running at times it should not.
  • XPD-9550 Laminar KingAir C90B EHSI LOC2 fixes.
  • XPD-9556 Fixed warning when aircraft has no 3-d cockpit.
  • XPD-9557, XPD-9574 Fix for aircraft with a forced beta/reverse range operating on a throttle without them.
  • XPD-9560 Fix nose gear collapse due to upside down tri in ortho mesh.
  • XPD-9572 Fixed panel blending for legacy panels.
  • XPD-9576 Fixed clipping with skewed instruments.
  • XPD-9577 Fixed CMND packet not working.
  • XPD-9578 Cessna Skyhawk (floats) non functioning auto pilot.
  • XPD-9579 Fix for broken filtered dropdowns in VR.
  • XPD-9580 A bug in the command predicates was stopping battery2 from toggling properly.
  • XPD-9581 Fix for synchronous MACIBM_alert()s breaking VR.
  • XPD-9582 Running the new morse_code on windows crashed.
  • XPD-9585 Fix crash when hitting + button in particle system.
  • XPD-9586 Missing datarefs broke particle system in b2.
  • XPD-9588 C-172 attitude indicator upset not included in “fix all systems”.
  • XPD-9589 We now properly spell out gate names phonetically.
  • XPD-9603 Removed debug line when AI lands.