X-plane 11 beta 6 ute!

Da var beta 6 ute til X-plane 11! Etter en litt trøblete beta 4 og 5 som hadde FPS og performance problemer har Laminar Research nå fått bukt med problematikken i beta 6. For å oppdatere til beta 6 er rutinen som vanlig å kjøre X-plane 11 installer og deretter få programmet til å se etter oppdateringer. Oppdateringen vil da bli lastet ned automatisk uten at du trenger å gjøre noe.

Her kan du se hva utviklerteamet skriver om beta 6:

A few big bug fixes in this beta:

Framerate should be back to where it was in beta 3.  Betas 4/5 were not deleting smoke particles, so over time the total number of particles in the world would grow indefinitely, until the particle system was using most of the CPU.

Flashing in the cockpit should be fixed. The environment maps for the new lighting use alpha in the interior render to indicate areas where exterior light comes through, e.g. the windows of the plane. Due to using the wrong variable, on every other recomputation of the environment map, the alpha channel would be left opaque, effectively covering the windows in black paper and darkening the cockpit.

Finally, perhaps most importantly, this beta features a rebuild of the XPLM, the DLL that loads plugins. Besides modernizing the XPLM to use the newest compilers, this rebuild fixes the interface with X-Plane for popup menus (needed to get menu check boxes and disabling to work) and for keyboard focus (e.g. so you don’t get two blinking insertion points at the same time when editing text in a plugin).

Plugin authors: the expected behavior for the keyboard in X-Plane 11 is:

  1. You cannot get any access to the keyboard when X-Plane has a modal dialog box over the screen (E.g. free flight configuration).  This matches X-Plane 10’s no-plugins-when-the-airplane-is-not-showing policy.
  2. Plugin pre-window keyboard sniffers have highest precedence – with great power comes great responsibility – use them with caution.
  3. At any given time only one of  X-Plane or a plugin can have keyboard focus. So if you take keyboard focus for an XPLM display window or XPWidget, X-Plane’s floating UI (e.g. the flight planner window) will defocus.  If the user re-focuses a flight plan window, you will have your focus removed!
  4. Plugin post-window keyboard sniffers get keys when (1) a plugin window does not have focus and (2) X-Plane doesn’t use the keyboard for UI.  X-Plane command bindings run last.

If you find a bug with keyboard focus and your add-on, please compare behavior in v10 and v11, and please be specific about what you are doing! Plugin keyboard handling can be very complicated and hard to tease apart.

Finally, based on data from Austin and Marty, I have slightly recalibrated the fog settings. The sim is now foggier in ultra-low visibility (think: RVR1000) and notably less foggy in intermediate (e.g. 10-15 sm) visibility. I am still looking at fog in ultra-clear days (e.g. 50 sm vis).