ProSim 1.48 er klar!


Da har ProSim-AR sluppet en ny versjon av det populære simulator suiten for Boeing 737.


February 2 2017 Release version 1.48

– Generic Com/TCP driver values rounded to the 3rd decimal place
– Dome light switch support added to ICS overhead
– ProSimDisplay: new option to add the folder name to the title bar
– fix to prevent brake pressure to be negative
– Fixed RED indicators handled as YELLOW
– [SW-33] added Simworld Flight Controls module support
– [SW-34] ILS-DME(Navigraph navaid type 8) navaids now correctly handled if entered in CDU FIX page
– Sismo: Fixed servo daughter board not working
– Sismo: Fixed displays outputs(Display daughter board 2)
– new cockpit option to select alignment time (normal – quick)
– Master Dim gate added
– IOS Failures now organized by ATA chapter
– Fixed FDS JetMax radio assignments
– added cache control meta tags to IOS page
– added option to cockpit setup to remove the fading from weather radar sweep
– added option to cockpit setup to remove the interpolation(antialias) from the weather image
– [PSDB-310] Engine trend vector disapearing when target N1 value reached.
– [PSDB-326] Speedbrake stow not working below 10kts.
– [PSDB-328] Retractable landing lights switch not working correctly with CPFlight overhead.
– [SW-30] Simworld ATC panel delay fixed
– Added advanced option to CPFlight driver to disable the gauge data
– [PSDB-323] Fixed fuel filter failure to trigger an oil filter warning on EICAS
– Scavenge oil filter failure added
– [PSDB-335] Wiper switches and gates added.
– Wiper switch support added to CPFlight(ICS) and Simworld overhead and ProSim panel.
– Fixed Side-by-side EICAS showing FF as KG even when unit is LBS
– Fixed Brake accumulator pressure to lock if pressure reaches 0
– Hydraulic system B should be the only pressure supplier to the brake accumulator.
– Fixed Pokeys Ethernet not working with poller disabled
– CPFlight advanced option added to reverse the rudder trim gauge
– Added support for FDS CDU v2 alternate layout
– [PSDB-182] EFIS POS now shows ADIRS and GPS positions on ND