Magnitude 3 slipper DCS: Christen Eagle II

Etter å ha skapt furore da de annonserte at Christen Eagle II (CE II) var deres neste prosjekt valgte utviklerne i Magnitude 3 å ikke gjøre noen stor greie ut av lanseringen.

Magnitude 3 lover at deres simulering av CE II er så nært virkeligheten som mulig og den inkluderer også muligheten til å fly to i den samme maskinen i multiplayer. Magnitude har dette å si om sin CE II:

  • External Flight Model that duplicates the flight characteristics verified by certified aerobatic instructors and subject matter experts.
  • Detailed and realistic simulation of post-stall behavior that allows edge-of and out-of-envelope maneuvers verified by certified aerobatic instructors.
  • Complete systems modeling that includes the IO-360 Lycoming 200HP engine, fuel, electrical and pneumatic systems.
  • Fully functional Bendix/King KY-196B VHF radio.
  • Realistic, mouse-interactive cockpit in which most controls can be interacted with.
  • Authentic sound sets that were recorded from the actual aircraft.
  • Super detailed internal and external models created by using cutting-edge photogrammetry of the actual aircraft.
  • Interactive voice-over training missions. Learn to start up, taxi, takeoff, and land like a real pilot.
  • Multiple liveries based on OEM to custom real-life personal schemes.
  • Cooperative multiplayer. Fly with a friend in the same aircraft or take turns controlling the aircraft as an instructor, student or passenger. The seat position can be changed in single player mode too!
  • Fully supports virtual reality for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft Mixed Reality, and others.

Magnitude 3s DCS: Christen Eagle kan kjøpes fra Eagle Dynamics E-Shop.